Gunnite Pool Problem

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Gunnite Pool Problem

Postby infinity06 » Thu 21 Apr, 2016 06:28

Hello everyone,

I am just writing to see if any pros have fixed a lifted gunnite pool and can offer advice.

I have a 35,000 gallon kidney shaped gunnite pool that lifted 4- 8 inches about 2 weeks ago. I have drained this pool several times for cleaning and painting but what did me in is removing the deck around the pool and the rain that came after. I was completely blindsided as this pool has sat bone dry for weeks in the past.

At this point i have excavated a hole outside of the pool at the deep end going 12 foot deep. This was to release and pump out ground water. Then we added 10,000 gallons of water. This didn't help.... then we dug all around the pool to the bottom of the wall (4 foot) where the void starts.... no luck either. It seems my only real option is to dig down (just past the bottom of the pool) all the way around the pool and then flip the bucket on the excavator to underdig and then hope the pool settles?

Not sure if it helps but the pool has 12 inch poured walls that sit on the floor. The pool is 30 years or more old and the plumbing is all ran in the walls. Any help would be appreciated.

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