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Postby Puzzled Pool User » Fri 14 Jul, 2006 19:59

Okay guys, thanks for opening. First, I opened my pool June 30th 2006. The water was disgustingly green and full of leaves on the base of the pool. I shocked the water numerous times (about 10-14 lbs of shock was used since then) and used 1 bottle of standard algaecide and one bottle of black algaecide. The water turns clear for about a few days on the surface but the bottom is still green. i always try to push away the dirt (algae?) on the bottom of the pool INTO the filter. i tried vacuuming but that doesnt work.
this is a picture of my filter... ( *picture was used just for showing purposes, it is NOT mine, belongs to owner.

my pool is 18' wide, and 3' deep. I dont know what to do. I havent used any chemicals yet but i have purchased them. so if u guys can help and get me started it would be greatt. Thanks. -Zee.


Postby Guest » Fri 14 Jul, 2006 20:01

o yeah, its an above ground pool.
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Postby pk4217 » Fri 14 Jul, 2006 23:23

rules of thumb, test your ph, cl, ta, cya & calcium hardness first.

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