Sand Filter Not Working

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Sand Filter Not Working

Postby havl » Thu 28 Apr, 2016 11:14

Hello everyone, I just bought a home with a pool and in the last 2 weeks have been trying to get it opened. Read a ton on this site and thought i had it figured out. My pool had been uncovered for the last year and was a green swamp. I started the SLAM process and everything quickly died. The pool is a nice blue color but it instantly got cloudy and has not cleared up at all in 12 days, not even a hint of progress. You can not see below around 3 inches. All my test results are in order, will post them later when I am not at work.

I have come to the conclusion that my filter is having issues since I SLAMMED properly and for over a week and have 0 CC in my pool. It is a tagelus TA-50D, I do not know how old the sand is in the filter but I changed the broken multi port valve that was on it and when I looked inside it seemed to still have a good amount of sand. Based on some things I had read I decided to add DE to it in case the cloudiness was due to dead algae the filter could not pick up. The weird part is I only add a 1/4 cup of DE powder and it makes my pump rise 1 PSI super fast, then over the next few hours my PSI jumps from 12 to 19, which I had never seen it get so high before, but when I backwash the water does not even appear too dirty. Other backwash's before did contain dirty water though, but for the week before I tried DE and even with my pool looking like a cloudy mess the PSI would maybe go up 1 PSI every 24 hours it ran. So I am at a loss, since i poured DE in the skimmer and it did not seem to come out the returns and it raised the PSI of my filter I can assume that the laterals and other tubes in the filter are not damaged right? Should I try replacing the sand? Is there anything I'm missing? Also there is a small crack in the filter housing where it meets the flange at the top, it must be super small because it only dribbles water out of the filter periodically, could this cause drastic filter efficiency loss?

Thanks in advance for any help everyone can provide.

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Re: Sand Filter Not Working

Postby Denniswiseman » Thu 28 Apr, 2016 16:04

Have you switched off the pump and allow the pool water to settle and then vacuum to waste
The rise in water pressure is due to the filter becoming clogged up
I would think that Diatomaceous earth would be flushed out when you backwash
It might be advantageous when you have had a good backwash to put a flocculent in the pump strainer basket to pick up the very fine particles
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Re: Sand Filter Not Working

Postby BobbyKilo » Sun 08 May, 2016 21:05

If you have good flow you may need to add some Clarifier to get cloudinees from water

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