Pump won't prime and surges

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Pump won't prime and surges

Postby clubcariker » Thu 05 May, 2016 10:33

I have read almost every thread here as it relates to my issue but cannot find a solution to my problem. My pump is less than 2 years old and for the first time I cannot get it to prime. Here are a list of the things I've done to try to troubleshoot.

1. Replaced ALL plumbing from pump intake side and pump output to filter.
2. Pushed both water, pressurized water and snake auger form pool skimmer intake to where line comes out of ground to connect to pump.
3. Replaced gasket around pump skimmer lid.
4. Tested pump impaler by turning with my hand and small screwdriver. Turns freely.
5. Opened and cleaned filter grids completely and refilled with water.

Pump is pulling water but basket area fills to the top edge of pump basket then sucks water down very quickly. Like it's gasping. Never get enough pressure to seem to fully fill the filter tank. Turn air release valve and take a minute or so to let air out then it spits in conjunction as pump surges.

Water is coming out of my 3 jets but not nearly as it should to effectively clean the pool. Skimmer intake doesn't seem to have a great deal of suction either.

Anything I am missing? Please help!

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Re: Pump won't prime and surges

Postby daviddallastx » Sun 22 May, 2016 14:10

You are describing a suction leak. A clogged suction line won't have the surging like you are seeing. The surge is air being pulled into the line. Replacing the pump lid was a logical start. Do you have a diverter valve in front of the pump? There orings there can Letty air in like that. Also make sure you have enough water in the pool to keep air from getting pulled into the skimmer caused that can also cause your symptoms.

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Re: Pump won't prime and surges

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 24 May, 2016 03:27

My thoughts are exactly the same
Check the "O" ring in the pump lid and lubricate it with silicon grease or Vaseline
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Re: Pump won't prime and surges

Postby mas985 » Thu 26 May, 2016 16:53

Sounds like pool water level is too low or a stuck skimmer weir. When it drains that quickly, the air is probably coming from the skimmer.
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