Gigantioc Pool - minimal budget

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My Pool: My pool is a giant hole in the ground at this point. Roughed out at 14 meters long, 6 meters wide with the last 4 meters of the pool being a deep end of 3m. The rest of the pool is 1.5 meters. No pump, filter, nothing more at this point.

Gigantioc Pool - minimal budget

Postby chrisketch123 » Thu 05 May, 2016 14:16

So happy to find this site!!
I am in the process of building a 14 meter x 7 meter swimming pool with a 3 meter deep end in the last 4 meters of the pools length. I have the pool roughed out and have been trying to find a reliable and fair contractor in Nicaragua to build the pool, but without luck. I have a fantastic mason working with me now and tons of man power available! I am considering building it myself with the information that I can find on this and other sites. The challenge I am having is finding detailed plans that I can translate into spanish (my spanish is still far from fluent).
Does anyone have a resource or information available for a concrete block swimming pool that will provide all the necessary details needed for me to be able to work with the mason to create this pool?
Any and all help would be appreciated. I am even considering hiring a consultant, so if anyone on this site is interested and has tons of knowledge to share, there is a potential for us to work together on this project.
Thanks everyone! I am scared but excited at the same time!

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