More info about pool cleaners!

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More info about pool cleaners!

Postby rod7 » Sun 08 May, 2016 16:47

I'm writing this, because you are maybe using or you will be using automatic pool cleaners and I want to give you a resource you could use to find more reviews about different models. Okay, it's like this. My friend has a website where they make reviews of different automatic pool cleaners, so I want to mention and recommend them here. Buying an automatic pool cleaner can be a big investment because they aren't cheap, so I think all pool owners who are using them or ones which are looking to get them are interested in finding more detailed information. You can there find reviews on different models of brands like: Polaris, Aquabot, Pentair, Zodiac, Hayward...
Website name is: ThePoolChief
Hope this helps you if you are buying an automatic pool cleaners.
If you have any more question about pool cleaners you can contact me and I will forward your message to my friend.
Have fun and enjoy your days in your clean pool!

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