crispy blue cover and those damn blue dots

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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crispy blue cover and those damn blue dots

Postby MDFTV » Sun 15 May, 2016 10:05

I live in Fla. I have a heater for my pool and use it only in the summer (to save on ridiculous electric bills) and close the pool in the winter. I have a pool service but I am canceling them soon.

I use a blue solar cover and I am SICK AND TIRED of buying a new one every couple of years. I am SICK AND TIRED of skimming the little blue dots out of my water. I have replaced the UV cover for the solar blanket repeatedly and then still need to replace the solar blanket under it anyway! The sun is brutal here. The blanket DOES make a difference and I would like to use one but this is getting ridiculous. spending a few hundred dollars every couple of years on a coverthat will only degrade again.

I have been considering a more robust blanket (non solar) but my pool guy says if I don't care about the heating aspect of the blanket then just forgo the cover altogether. My opinion is that even a non vinal bubblewrap cover will keep the heat in and cut down on the evaporation and thus increase the heat retained. It's a screened in pool so i don't get any debris and we only use the pool in the summer and then intermittently. The current blue bubble-wrap blanket becomes crispy and brittle within about one season and completely unusable by the end of the second season and I can't see why companies cant make a vinal cover with a UV inhibitor or a coating that inhibits UV decay better since after all, it's what they are made for...being out under the sun!

I have considered the liquid cover material but my pool guy says it contains zinc and if someone with zinc allergies uses the pool they can damage their sense of taste and smell permanently.The SDS for the material doesn't mention zinc but zinc isn't a haz mat. requiring to be listed. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't


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