Opening pool, should I drain?

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Opening pool, should I drain?

Postby Autumnrstarr » Mon 16 May, 2016 08:41

We intended on properly closing the pool for the winter but did not get around to it :/

Hampton Roads, VA-out climate is always cold, hot, cold, hot and MOSTLY HUMID.


It is full, green/yellow, no bad smell. I have been skimming it a little bit daily to get the large leaves and debris out. I CAN see most of the bottom of the pool but most debris is in the center and I cannot see the bottom there. There is also TONS of pollen on the surface. I have not treated the pool yet, nor have I run the filter pump because it has been getting close to freezing Temps. I think it's now safe to run the pump but I don't think it's a good idea until I get almost all debris out. Should I drain it some to help with cleaning it? It'll also be raining all the week so I kind of figured to drain some today, get as much debris as possible out, and possibly start treating it and letting some rain water fill it. The past years it has gotten so green from us not closing it properly so I tend to drain it completely and re fill. I'd like to try to prevent having to do so. Drain some, or no? Thanks in advance!

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Re: Opening pool, should I drain?

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 24 May, 2016 03:47

If it's easy and not to costly to drain and clean that would be the easiest way to go
Be careful that any ground water doesn't float the pool unless you have a hydrostatic relief valve in your main drain

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