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911 HELP

Postby Frustrated!!!!!!! » Tue 17 May, 2016 17:11

OK thank you for having me on the site I think these forums are a great venue. Ok here it is I have owned my home for 1 1/2 it came with an in ground pool (Older) 30+ years. when I bought the house it was in the winter time so i didnt see how bad condition of the pool was until the spring, so the liner has the corners blown out and several minor holes in various locations, in the process of draining the pool as i decided to remove the liner i noticed that the main drain was "plugged" off at the skimmer I am not a pool guy but when worms are getting into the pool water in droves and dirt I would say that the main drain line froze and split.?? Question 1 is…. How or can i figure out/find where it is split without having to bust the bottom out of the pool ?
Question 2 is…. Can I fill the main drain line full of "Liquid Cement" removing the main drain all together.
Question 3 is…. What should the bottom hopper of the pool look like where it meets the transistion?
Question 4 is…. Can I reuse the coping I was able to remove it all without damaging it ??
Question 5 is…. ground water intrusion??? How do you or can you install a liner if water is coming in ??
Question 6 is…. Cracks in the bottom of the pool what material should be used to patch them and what is the procedure for carrying out the repair ??
More questions to come !!!! Have to run my boy to baseball. I am a very hands on guy I have multipal trade designations so I have the ability to do the work just want to get the direction in order to do it right the first time.

Thanks in advance

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