"Dust Bunny" algea

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"Dust Bunny" algea

Postby corrine » Sat 15 Jul, 2006 10:15

I have my pool clean except for the dust bunny like algea at the bottom. I vacumm and it goes away only to resettle at the bottom of the pool when i turn my pump on at night. I had filter checked for holes thinking it was the earth , no tears in filter. the algea looks very lite and disipates when touched. Please help.


I have the same thing...

Postby Pooldude » Sat 22 Jul, 2006 19:24

I have the same exact problem as you, please email me if you find a soultion, i have yet to find one. :(

Dust bunny algae

Postby trvlgrl » Sun 23 Jul, 2006 10:16

We have the same problem. It started last year, and we seemed to have gotten rid of it before we closed our pool. This year it is back and we just can't get rid of it. We have exactly the same problems as you do yet, it builds up at the water line of our skimmer. It is very dark and greasy, almost like axle grease. We are desperate for an answer on how to fix this. :x

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