Extremly cloudy water after PH increse

Causes and cures for cloudy swimming pool water.
Milky pool water, white, pink, brown, purple, black cloudy water.
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Extremly cloudy water after PH increse

Postby Tiabear28 » Sat 28 May, 2016 13:26

First off let me note that I am new at testing water chemistry, I have never used ph increasers or anything of the like, I have always shocked as needed, use chlorine tablets and algecide as needed and I've never had a problem, until now.
I just opened my pool for the summer two days ago, (the pool was half full) so I started filling. (i have well water)
Once I got the water level up high enough I flushed the lines and started my filter, I noticed my water becoming cloudy so I shocked it to no avail, I then went and bought clarifyer to no avail, I then read online that adding DE to my sand filter would help clear it up so I followed directions and added the DE to no avail, at this point I am frustrated beyond words so I go and buy a water test kit which I have never had to use and it reads that my chlorine levels were extremely low and my ph levels were extremely low, well me being stubborn and refusing to use ph increasers I just decided to give the pool a huge shock and I let it go over night and came back this morning to a slightly clearer pool but not the results I expected and the chlorine levels are threw the roof but slowly dropping, I wanted to have this pool ready for TODAY, so I give in and bought ph up. I added the recommended dosage and almost immediately my return jet starts spewing out this puff of brownish milky stuff into the water and now my pool is back to being so cloudy I can't see the steps much less the bottom. It's memorial day weekend and I have company coming this afternoon. Please help! What can I do?

Pool is approx 9,000 gallons and I have a sand filter

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