Moved to a house with an old pool, need help

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Moved to a house with an old pool, need help

Postby Jospehlewis1 » Sat 28 May, 2016 15:04

So I just moved to a new area, never had a pool before so I'm pretty clueless about maintenance, but I'm learning quickly. This pool seems like the equipment is old so I'm not sure if everything is set right and working correctly. We just opened the pool up, drained and refilled, shocked the pool with several boxes, used a dolphin vac several times, balanced the ph/and chlorine with tabs and 20lbs of soda ash, by then the levels all were somewhat in good range. We used the pool for the first time last weekend and I felt kind of ill for the next few days. Been busy all week Now the pool is all dirty and cloudy again, a squirrel, and then a mouse fell into it and died, several frogs keep getting in it, so been scooping all that out as Ive noticed it.

So my question is , how do I know my pool is 100% safe for swimming? How do I know all the correct valve settings on the equipment because nothing is labeled, the water is cold even though we have a solar heater on the roof and the pump is running. Do I need to do anything with the sand filter or the bromine feeder? I've been putting chlorine tabs straight into the skimmer.. Should I be putting them in the skimmer instead? I don't know how to use any of this stuff, and I would like to have the pool ready by tomorrow. I will try and attach some pics of the equipment and valves.


Re: Moved to a house with an old pool, need help

Postby Sutro_SmartMonitor » Tue 21 Jun, 2016 14:49

You should check out our smart monitor! I definitely think it's something you're looking for - it will help monitor your pools levels, tell you what needs adjustments, and how to do it, all via an app! That way you aren't spending tons of money on chemicals you don't need, or pool people.

Plus, we're currently inviting new pool owners to join our beta testing program.

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Shannon

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