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Complete noob... Please help me.

Please Help!

Postby Vivv » Wed 01 Jun, 2016 08:21

Hey forums! I'm 18 in Ohio and I was only allowed to have the pool running this year if I took care of everything myself, and I think I made a big mistake and am looking to fix it. It's so hard.

I was careful to read up online weeks in advance and study how to plug stuff in, get the pump ready, and get the right chemicals and baking soda and stuff. After setting things up and getting the pump on it seemed like things were running right but when I came out the water was still pretty much black and the pump was HOT HOT HOT. Like really hot. I turned everything off and realized there was a piece that looks like this []))=[} ( I know it's bad I'm sorry. ) that connects the pump and the filter that needed to be connected.

Nothing is cracked or busted, but am I going to need a new pump? It was still running (and crying) when I turned it off. I don't think I can do this alone :oops:

If there's anything that you guys know it's easy for noobs to miss, also, please mention it. I really need help this is so depressing.

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