Building above ground pool over existing damaged in ground pool

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Building above ground pool over existing damaged in ground pool

Postby morefreckles » Sun 05 Jun, 2016 05:11

My husband and I just bought a home about 8mths ago. Got it for a steal and knew there were some issues because it's an older home, it had been foreclosed and sitting for a year. What we did not anticipate was that the pool would crumble and that the concrete decking would begin to crack and lift. We had some one to come out to look at the structure and we're told that proper beams were not put in to support the pool. We were told at that time that our options are to fill it in...break up concrete and push it all in pack it down and pour new surface and make a tennis/basketball court. Or we can rebuild it. Both are more than what we want to spend and we cant seem to shake the desire for a pool. So finally to my question. Can a sound anchoring structure be built at the perimeter of the damaged area so that an above ground pool can be placed there? I'm talking pier like over the hole and cracked concrete. We would build decking around the above ground pool, raised from the cracked existing deck. Of course we would have someone come out to assess what further shifting might occur and how far beyond the structure anchors should be placed because we are trying to avoid having to deal with the existing structure. Does this sound more costly? Or even doable?

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