Sand in glass jar on backwash

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My Pool: Above ground 24 ft round pool with 48 inch wall... Filter is a Jacuzzi 190L laser sand filter

Sand in glass jar on backwash

Postby squbbles » Mon 06 Jun, 2016 12:25

I hope yall can help me out! i have an above ground 24 ft round pool and the wall is 48 inches. the filter is a jacuzzi 190l sand laser filter. Its old. I have several issues. The first issue is there is sand coming through the glass jar when i backwash, when i turn to rinse it dont have much sand going through it for very long then the sand stops coming out. my pool was green and i went to the pool store and had my water tested, to which i only needed to add PH minus then 2 bags of shock after the sun went down.. that is what they instructed me to do. and of course told me to keep a chlorine tablet in the skimmer basket... so i treated as they directed me and the water went from bad green to WAY WORSE GREEN!!!! im at my wits end with this pool yall! Another problem i am having is that there is water leaking from under the dial handle.... its a 7 dial. so the pool store sold us a new dial with the spider gasket on it and still leaking water from under the handle!!! the pool store didnt give us a new spring tho.... SO, my question is this- could a combo of all this be causing my pool to stay green?? What can i do about the small amount of sand coming out of the filter when backwashing?? Should i get a new spring that goes on the dial?
The sand is brand new- just added it right before i started up the pool and i did backwash the sand. im just so fed up with throwing money in this pool for chemicals that are not even getting it remotely cleared up!!!! Can yall please tell me what i need to do???? Im so very aggravated i could just literally CRY! Thank yall in advance for any info or suggestions that you can send my way!!!

Thanks... From: squbbles, one aggravated pool owner in KY! :crazy:

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