Main Pool Suctions will not Circulate

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Main Pool Suctions will not Circulate

Postby Floyd341 » Sun 12 Jun, 2016 21:40

Hello, my first post here. A lil background on what's going on.
Pool has not ran since January. Just sucked out the pool, and cleaned today. I am currently in the process of refilling the pool.
I went ahead and wanted to ensure all intakes are working properly. Hot Tub Intake and discharge work fine. Both Skimmer Intakes work fine. Went to switch to the 2 main intakes at the bottom of the Pool and pump lost prime. After several attempts to prime pump to circulate the pool, it will not prime and circulate. I am thinking that somehow the 2 intakes at the bottom of the pool are clogged somehow? Is there a way to back pressure the pump and plumbing to blow whatever it is out, or is it another problem? Can't be the pump because it circulated fine at skimmers, and hot tub. Please Help, and thanks in Advance.

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