Hayward Chlorinator lid jams

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Hayward Chlorinator lid jams

Postby captainkirk » Mon 13 Jun, 2016 00:32

I have a Hayward CL200 chlorinator that is 6 years old. I use 6-in-1 chlorine tablets in it.

Recently, the lid has been sticking so bad that I had to buy new lid parts and a new gasket. I put Aladdin teflon lubricant on the O-ring, but the lid still sticks so bad I can't get it on or off without using the pot lid wrench that came with my Hayward pump and a strap wrench on the canister of the chlorinator.

On the underside of the brand new inner lid and the gasket, there are globs of white goo already. The threads of the lid have gooey white stuff all over them, and the threads of the canister have super-hardened white stuff all over them that I cannot even get off with a brass scrub brush.

Anyone ever seen this before? I can upload pics if it would help diagnose.

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