Is this 1960s-70s steel wall inground pool fixable?

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Is this 1960s-70s steel wall inground pool fixable?

Postby nate1981s » Mon 20 Jun, 2016 14:44

This pool came with my house I bought 2 years ago. The previous owner had a tear in the liner about 5-7 years ago and decided to fill in the deep end and make the pool 4' deep. I do not know if their is a center drain but their are 2 holes in the skimmer. The steel walls are not in that bad of shape and I know that that pool needs to be cleaned and level with new sand but what really concerns me is that fact that the deep end was filled in and their is no center drain. Can I save this pool? I really don't have the money to replace. This is a 16x30' pool so the liner is pretty cheap at $600-1200. Can anyone give me some advice or info on this pool?

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Re: Is this 1960s-70s steel wall inground pool fixable?

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 21 Jun, 2016 03:59

I think the hardest job would be to clear out what ever the pool was filled with
There isn't any need for a centre drain (unless your local bye laws insist on it) but I would advise checking the plumbing for leaks before refitting
It does mean you have to do some preliminary work before deciding
If the structure is sound and you can get spare parts for the reinstallation and you are happy, I would say go ahead
If you don't go ahead and repair what will you do with the hole as that will require some expense

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