Cloudy pool and I on the pump basket I see little white dead worms

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Cloudy pool and I on the pump basket I see little white dead worms

Postby Kakorat2005 » Thu 23 Jun, 2016 09:18

Hello everyone i need a little bit of help. So i didn't close my 15 round above ground pool with a 13 sand filter and 3/4 pump last winter I didn't close it at all and it was green it was a dark green. So I went to the store and they told me to blind vacuum for like 20 minutes so I did put 6 bags of shock powder shock and run the filter so I did. And the filter psi kept going up so I did back washing knowing their is a lot of algae and now my pool is not green but a cloudy milky color I can see the sides good about 3 inches down then I can't see the bottom. My psi on my pump does not go up anymore. Like before. But when I check the skimmer basket I still find some mild brown hair looking grass not a lot but some. So I go to check my pump basket and I take it out and nothing but in the water inside the pump I see a lot of little dead white worms. I already added Leslie's clarifying aid as instructed yesterday 6/22/16 around 930 waited 12 hours then as instructed added again it rain yesterday so they told me after the second dose goes in wait 12 hours then shock it which il be doing today. But I just want to know do I vacuum the pool or shock it then wait and vacuum the pool? How long do I wait before using any other chemicals? My levels are all good I am a little low in chlorine but my ph is good cy is good all my levels are good I check with the test strip. What do I do next besides shocking any ideas help anything would truly be appreciated. Thank you y'all.

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