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Pool deck parts help

Postby Praetor1 » Thu 23 Jun, 2016 11:49

My friend has a Zanzibar 37' x 52" round above ground pool, that he equipped with Vinyl works pool deck systems.He's been sending me broken parts that hold railings, (all of which are molded vinyl parts, of course.), that I machine from billet aluminum on my CNC machine, to help him out. He now has a vinyl works rear ladder flange, that is cracking and asked if I can machine such a flange, only problem is, the flange is still attached to the deck, his family is using the pool, so he can't really take it off, until the end of the season. He could only email a pic of the part and I tried to find dimensions for this part, which I then can machine from, I'm concerned it may become a safety issue for his pool and family, but I haven't had any luck finding such dimensions, can anyone help with this?

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