Salt water with steel walls

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Salt water with steel walls

Postby markjohnson » Thu 23 Jun, 2016 12:57

I am struggling with my new pool build. I look online and all manufacturers say not to use salt water with steel walls because they will only last 10-15 years. I have a pool builder helping me with my install and he said that was incorrect and not to use the polymer because they aren't as sturdy and the salt will be fine. I've been doing more research and this has me concerned because I went with steel walls per the builders recommendation. I have been told there are tons of people that have salt water with steel walls without an issue but has anyone had this installed for 10-15 years. Also why are the manufacturers pushing polymer is it's only a small upcharge to go with polymer over steel? I wanted the most durable and the polymer with plastic bolts and everything else just didn't seem right to me but the walls are installed and ready for the footer so I'm stuck with steel and my wife was insistent on salt water.

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