Installing thru-wall skimmer on FULL Intex pool...???

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Installing thru-wall skimmer on FULL Intex pool...???

Postby JT101 » Sun 26 Jun, 2016 10:04

Hello All!

New member here :)

We replaced our 3y/o 18' X 48" Intex with an 18' X 52" this year, and I was puzzled as to why this pool does NOT come with one of those round wall-hanging skimmers that all our old Intex pools had. In any case, the pool's been full and in use for a couple weeks now and I am considering getting a nice thru-wall skimmer like a Hayward. However, do I really have to drain the pool until it's below the bottom of the skimmer before I install it? In my opinion, aside from the difficulty of working with the hardware underwater I don't see the reason why this cannot be installed on a full pool. But I'm no expert so I'm here asking for advice:

Should I partially drain the pool before the install or can I just go ahead with it with a full pool?

Please let me know and thanks!


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