Recovering a filled in pool, worth it?

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Recovering a filled in pool, worth it?

Postby LilChicka » Thu 07 Jul, 2016 21:30

I'm potentially buying a property that had a pool... I'm not sure the details of the pool but what i do know is....

1) It was in working order when they filled it and they only filled it because it wasn't being used and they were concerned it would be a liability issue.

2) it's been untouched for a couple years but it's in an open field area with nothing but grass growing where it was.

3)It was just dirt that was used to fill it in, no gravel or concrete.

4)the worst part.... they didn't cover any of it from the dirt so it's most likely in the components of the pool.

If they covered it I would be out there with a shovel (hell i still might be) excavating that bad boy the day it closes!

But is it truly worth it? I mean aside from the physical labour which I don't mind at all is it a worthwhile cause? A new pool would be thousands of dollars and I was told that it would be cheaper to just dig out and get a new one put in rather than saving this one, but that just doesn't make sense to me?

I mean if it were damaged before hand that makes sense but it was perfectly good and it just doesnt compute on how it could be more expensive to salvage it??

Wouldn't it still be cheaper to just dig it out and replace the guts (or clean the guts somehow)?

I mean if it's like 1k to get new stuff for or clean it, that is still worth it to me to dig it out as opposed to the thousands it would take to remove it and put in a new one.

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

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