Legs Fell off support, broke away from pool

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Legs Fell off support, broke away from pool

Postby saradownsouth » Fri 08 Jul, 2016 08:24

We purchased an intex 16 x 32 pool just recently. We spent two days leveling the ground and added 3" of sand for the pool to sit on. We built a box per say with railroad ties to keep the sand in and placed the legs of the pool on the railroad timbers (even with the sand).
All was well until yesterday. The kids were swimming when we heard a loud POP! 3 legs broke away from the pool (at the bottom sleeve, still attached to top rail) and came off the foundation timbers.
2 legs are crumpled at the bottom but still sitting on the timbers.
We are draining the pool but unsure what to do to fix the issue.

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