3THP pump and 72 sq DE filter?

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Haywarad DE filter 72 Sq Ft
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3THP pump and 72 sq DE filter?

Postby pepo289 » Sat 09 Jul, 2016 13:57

Hello,, hope i get my self clear explaining my situation, and you could help me,
i currently have a pool 12000 gallons, with no problems.
with a 2THP hayward pump with a 72Sq DE hayward filter, backwashed filter runs at 8PSI , with 2" tubing
I Run the pump 4 hours daily, and its shiny and clear, With no problems.

A 2nd pool is almost done, a 15000 gallons pool, my question is this...
I bought a 3THP hayward SUPER II pump for cheap, since this pump is big, i plan to install it with the 72Sq Ft filter which is running on the 13500gallon pool,
Will the 3THP will be to much for that 72Sq filter?
Pool has 2" tubing, and has a 4 ft Curtain waterfall and 8 Flow jets, and one Skimmer and one main drain.


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