New Pool - Already Added 36 Pounds of Cyanuric Acid In 3 Weeks (Is this normal?)

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New Pool - Already Added 36 Pounds of Cyanuric Acid In 3 Weeks (Is this normal?)

Postby jasondinner » Sun 10 Jul, 2016 11:34

Hey Guys

I just got a new pool put in my yard.

38K gallons salt water.

Has ozonator.

I've gotten 3 water tests in the last 3 weeks and the first one told me to add 18 pounds of bioguard stabilizer 100 (cyanuric acid).

Literally spent HOURS pushing it around my pool until it dissolved.

Then most recent test a little over 2 weeks later said my cyanuric acid levels were back down to 0 and that I needed to add another 18 pounds.

Is that even possible?

If the sun is out, it is on my pool all day. Never gets any shade.

But I've read and seen in so many places that you only need to treat your pool with cyanuric acid once per season.

Why have I had to put 36 pounds of it into my pool in less than 3 weeks?

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, I would greatly appreciate the feedback.

Also if there is another way I can maintain the cyanuric acid levels without having to spend 10+ hours doing so, would welcome those suggestions too.



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Re: New Pool - Already Added 36 Pounds of Cyanuric Acid In 3 Weeks (Is this normal?)

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 11 Jul, 2016 03:20

Get yourself a decent test kit and test yourself use the Pool School
Use the Pool Maths that will indicate what should have been put in origonally and you can go from there
Be careful that you don't overdo the Cyanuric Acid as you will have to drain water and replace to lower it
To much CA will negate your chlorine
You should have dissolved it before just putting it in the pool, a lot of us use a sock or tights hung near a return jet
Have you backwashed after putting the CA in (it may have been washed out if it hadn't been dissolved)

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