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Pool pipe fixture

Postby alexmm » Tue 12 Jul, 2016 19:00

I am looking for someone to help me with one of my pipes. My pool was set up so that the water would run through the filter, heater, chlorinator, back into the pool. The heater is now leaking, and we don't use it anyway so we want it to just bypass the heater. We can turn off the valve and it will simply skip the heater, however the water shoots out of the one pvc pipe next to the pump that would otherwise be off if we send the water through the heater. It is 2 in. thick pvc and does not have threads in the pipe, so we are having a hard time figuring out what to do. We went to home depot and the man told us it doesn't exist. Does anyone know some sort of cap or plug we can glue into the pipe so we can stop this problem? We cannot run the pump unless this is fixed because it leaks everywhere.

Thank you!

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