Resilience Salt System not turning on

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Resilience Salt System not turning on

Postby lyons » Thu 21 Jul, 2016 16:07

Hello Everyone,

We've recently moved into a home that has a salt water system. It appears, however; that the system isn't actually running. From what we can see, the panel itself isn't turning on. It looks like we're running a Resilence SCC-25 salt water system. Attached is a photo of the unit on the wall by our pump. You'll see that none of the light are coming on. I tested the fuse by accidentally touching it on the underside of the panel and it gave me a good shock, so I assume that's operating well. Water is flowing through the salt cell, however; I don't know if it's actually doing anything. I don't think it is because our water has gotten pretty nasty over the last week.

Any ideas as to why the panel isn't coming on?


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