Pool filter is blowing green

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Pool filter is blowing green

Postby acpst19 » Tue 26 Jul, 2016 17:57

We installed a Hayward Perflex DE filter last month. From the time we installed it the return blew out a cloud of white powder for the first 8-10 seconds after start up. 5 days after the install the white cloud turned green. Still blowing for the first 8-10 seconds after start up. We have had the chemicals tested. The CYA was 67, Free chlorine .7, pH 7.5. We added 2 packets of Lo 'n Slo shock to get the chlorine up. The pump is still blowing green (the pool is clear) for 10 seconds at start up. We have changed the DE 3 times since instillation (1 month ago) and have taken the pump apart and rinsed off the fingers. There didn't appear to be any tears in the cloth or cracks in the plates. Any suggestions on what this could be? Is it normal for a DE pump to blow a cloud at start up? We added the correct 5# of DE every time we change it.

Thanks for any suggestions or help!

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Re: Pool filter is blowing green

Postby Denniswiseman » Wed 27 Jul, 2016 12:43

I don't have any experience of DE filters but why don't you contact Hayward and see what they say

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