Solar heating temperature .

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My Pool: I don't have a pool yet.
My swim teacher advice me to swim on holidays.
And I found a lot of cold hotel swimming pool.
So, I got an idea to assemble a portable soalr heater.
First I had a 50 meter black garden tube 25 mm.
Witch I changed for a Solar bag 1-2-3, to make the
module portable.
Solar bag 1-2-3
Ceramic Pump 12 Volt / 14 Watt
Photovoltaic 12 Volt /40 Watt Solar panel

Solar heating temperature .

Postby &re » Mon 01 Aug, 2016 01:52

I made a Portable Solar Heater Module with a garden hose. I replaced the garden hose with a Solar bag 1-2-3.

How warm may the water become ?
Without Algae growing ?

Go to : ... 04-K-Watt/
or for pictures

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