Triton TR60 lid

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Triton TR60 lid

Postby turbotcharger » Sun 07 Aug, 2016 12:16

Hi all!

I have recently bought a house and inherited a swimming pool in the process. This is proving an incredibly efficient way of getting rid of my money (boiler was the first thing to pack up), and the latest thing to go wrong and cost me money is that the big green Triton TR60 sand filter (of indeterminate age) has developed a massive crack in the clear plastic lid which has shot water straight into all the electrics of my plant room. Whilst all that dries out I obviously need to order a new lid *but*, this turns out to be a really expensive part, and apparently they changed the thread in 1991 so I need to order the right one.

This is the unit in question: ... .47.24.jpg

The serial number gives me no clues, does anyone have any idea how I might go about sourcing the right replacement bits for this? I probably need new washers and the bleed valve is also dodgy so chances are I'll have to replace the whole top bit.



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