dropped pvc pipe into skimmer

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dropped pvc pipe into skimmer

Postby misawa » Tue 09 Aug, 2016 20:14

A 14 inch piece of pvc pipe was inadvertently sucked down one of the skimmer tubes (there are 2 skimmers in the pool). The dropped pvc pipe was only slightly less in diameter than the skimmer tube itself. The skimmer tube goes down about 6 or 7 feet, and then there is an elbow. I imagine that is where the dropped pvc pipe is, nesting inside the skimmer tube, one pipe inside another, however I cannot see it. The suction doesn't seem to be affected, at least not yet. I guess that is because the dropped object is a pipe so the water just flows through it. I have now turned the pump off. I worry that it will somehow block the pipe running into the skimmer tube horizontally at the elbow. How can I get this dropped piece of PVC pipe out?

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