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Sand in Pool

Postby adp_pool » Sun 14 Aug, 2016 05:26

I have consistently been seeing very fine sand at the bottom of my pool over the past few months. I have a robotic vacuum not connected to the pool filtration system. Once vacuuming is completed, within hours the sand starts to build up in the pool. As I do my vacuuming primarily at night, I would wake up in the morning to find sand in the pool thinking the vacuum did not pick it up or that it just stirred up the sand and it just eventually settled returning to the bottom of the pool.I had contacted the vacuum manufacturer and they sent me an ultra-fine basket for the vacuum, however the results were the same. I eventually returned my vacuum to the dealer and picked up a different model with the same results.

What I found is that if I turned off the pool filtration system while vacuuming and then removed the vacuum when done, there was no sand in the pool if the filtration system was left off. I now knew my vacuum wasn't defective after all as the pool remained cleaned for the 24 hours the pump was off. When I turned the filtration system back on, I put the Hayward sand filter on re-circulate. Even though I was bypassing the filter, sand again returned to the pool. It appears the problem may not be with the filter after all, but possibly with the return jets - possibly there is a hole in the line back drawing sand/dirt from around the tubing. Has anyone ever experienced this and I would like to hear any feedback or thoughts as to what is the problem and how to correct it.

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Re: Sand in Pool

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 14 Aug, 2016 08:57

I doubt that there is a possibility of the returns being a problem because they are under pressure and any hole that would let sand in would be losing water. You don't mention a water loss.
I think the first option would be to replace your spider gasket in your MPV as this is the only point where it's possible on recirculate to connect to the filter which holds the sand
Is this a new occurence or has it always been like it?
How high is the sand in the filter?
When backwashing do you rinse after?

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