Salt water generator not making chlorine

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Salt water generator not making chlorine

Postby AmberS » Tue 16 Aug, 2016 13:36

We have a 30,000 gallon salt water pool. We recently got rid of our pool guy, in doing so realized that none of our equipment was being maintained properly and he was treating it as a chlorine pool and not salt. This has been a long frustrating road for us because every time we go to our chain pool store they tell us to do something different!!! Our current issue is this. We just replaced our jandy salt cell with a new one, a generic brand but new. It worked for about a week and now it is not generating any chlorine at all! I am having to shock pool weekly. We have recalibrated system after installation, the sensor is also new so we are at a loss as to why we are not producing chlorine. Salt levels are all within range, but there is no chlorine!!! I don't know what else to do and there are no service people that come to our area!! any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Salt water generator not making chlorine

Postby Denniswiseman » Tue 16 Aug, 2016 15:34

What is the salt level in the pool, it should be 3000 to get the SWG working
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Re: Salt water generator not making chlorine

Postby LeimLife » Wed 17 Aug, 2016 10:07

Might want to check the cell for lose wire connections, make sure the system has power, make sure the flow switch is operating correctly, make sure the cell is clean inside. Also, check that the pool filter is clean and maybe check the pump impeller for partial blockage. Allow chlorine stabilizer to dissolve into the water with the hanging sock method, 6# of stabilizer should get you going.

Make sure the cell is on its highest output once you aren't certain of the stabilizer level, the filter is clean and that pump flow is good. Keep the pump running 24 hours a day until the water has a good chlorine residual, then maybe run the pump from around the time the sun hits the water to maybe one hour after the sun sets.

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