Vacuuming from return/jet?

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Vacuuming from return/jet?

Postby jbadjones » Sun 21 Aug, 2016 16:42

Hello all! Long story short, I have purchased a home with a swimming pool and I have done lots of research but can't find anything on this particular subject.

I purchased the home from family and my cousin took care of the pool previously. She stated she always "vacuumed from the return" saying she would hook the vacuum hose to the vacuum itself and the other end to one of the returns. Has anybody ever heard of this? She doesn't have time to physically show me what she's talking about but to me it seems almost impossible.

I have purchased a skimmer vac plate that does not seem to work (won't seal to make suction) and I have tried to place the vacuum hose into the skimmer hole (there is only one on this pool, not two like I normally see) with no success.

I got the pool presentable again, but horrible weather and the inability to tend to the pool has caused an algae buildup again. I'm wondering if I should even bother with it again this year or just hang it up until next season. I live in Louisiana so we may have two more good months of swimming.

I'm looking for any advice and I thank you in advance. I'm not very pool savvy yet so I apologize if something doesn't make sense or if anything needs further clarification.

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Re: Vacuuming from return/jet?

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 22 Aug, 2016 04:24

You can't vacuum from a return because that water is going back into the pool
I only have one skimmer with a hole in the centre over the basket which I plug the hose into
Take some images and post them so someone who has a similar setup can advise
It may be worth taking a video of all the options with a number beside it and ask you cousin to advise on it
BTW you don't want the water to get into such a bad state as it will make it more difficult to get right

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