PoolTree winter cover support system

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My Pool: Manufacturer and Retailer of the PoolTree Winter Cover System for aboveground pools. The System uses a unique ball, harness, and stretch-support system to hold your cover above the water line, which significantly reduces winter cover maintenance.

PoolTree winter cover support system

Postby PoolTree System LLC » Thu 25 Aug, 2016 21:31

We wanted to introduce The PoolTree System to the board, since it is hard to expose to everyone. The PoolTree is a winter cover support system that utilizes a special heavy-duty ball, harness, supports with stretch sections in them, and patented couplers to tie it all together. The result is a system that holds the cover above the waterline, which (when used with a mesh cover) eliminates the need to pump water or scoop leaves. Even when temporarily weighed down by water or snow, the water eventually drains through the cover, then the buoyancy of the ball and the tension of the bungees pull the cover out of the water. The cover dries off and the leaves blow away, much like a safety cover on an inground pool. The expandable supports stretch under heavy snow conditions, reducing stress to the pool. No need to pump or scoop leaves, or worry about dumping leaves and dirty water into the pool in the spring. The system also works well with solid covers. In this case you still need to pump the cover, but the PoolTree keeps water and debris close to the edge of the pool so it's easy to reach.


We also offer PoolTree and mesh cover packages, see our website or contact us below.

Email at [email protected]

The system was designed in 2009 and has since been sold throughout the Northeast and across the country as a permanent solution to deflated pillows, hard-to-secure inner tubes, and other homemade contraptions. It works!


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