Chlorine problem

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Chlorine problem

Postby Guest314 » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 18:46

My pool is cloudy (after heavy rain), so I shocked it, but it never clear up. I have run the pump continously for several days, it is still cloudy. The most curious problem is that even right after I shocked my pool, my chlorine reading is always low (everything else is fine). I don't know what is the problem, it seems like something is drinking my chlorine. Is there such a thing? Any suggestion will be appreciated.


chlorine low

Postby moore4music » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 22:49

we have the same problem and we have tripled the shock as advised, but they said we may have chlorine lock. You may have to drain some of the water off the top of the pool and refill it. Not all the water, but a good bit.
Hopes this helps, we are going through the same thing. We have shocked it again tonight for one final time before going to the last resort of draining the top off.
G Moore

Postby Guest » Thu 20 Jul, 2006 21:14

We were having the same problem as guest 314. We had our pool checked for phosphorus. Apparently, if your pool is high in phosphorus it will eat all of your chlorine and free chlorine up regardless how much shock or chlorine you put in. The phosphorus levels in your pool should not go above 125. Ours were up to 1000. We are in the process of correcting our problem by using phosfree by natural chemistry. Our pool specialist said once this problem is corrected we should have no problems. Have your pool checked for phosphorus.

Report back

Postby Guest314 » Thu 20 Jul, 2006 21:30

Just want to report back. I have run the filter non-stop for 48 hours, now the water is clear, not crystal clear, but clear enough to see the bottom at the deep end.

The only problem I have now is that when during the panic mode when my pool was cloudy, I added two gallons of algicide (one each day). It turns out algi is not the problem. Now, when the water comes out of the filter jet, it is bubbly. Many tiny bubbles like foam float on top of the water. They dissappear when the water gets to the center of the pool, that is, the bubble is not very heavy. Is there anything I can do to reduce the bubble?

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