Chlorine problem

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Chlorine problem

Postby Guest314 » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 18:47

My pool is cloudy (after heavy rain), so I shocked it, but it never clear up. I have run the pump continously for several days, it is still cloudy. The most curious problem is that even right after I shocked my pool, my chlorine reading is always low (everything else is fine). I don't know what is the problem, it seems like something is drinking my chlorine. Is there such a thing? Any suggestion will be appreciated.



Postby Guest314 » Sun 30 Jul, 2006 18:10


To clear this up in 48 to 72 hrs do this in this order.

First Use super Clearifier for every 32oz will do 150,000 gals.

Pour 32 oz of this in your pool
brush your pool
wait 48 hrs,but brush it every day
when you start to see it clear up do a back wash it for 5 mins.
add 15 oz more and let it run. 24/7

as for your chlorine this will take it,but still use a stablizer to it.
wait 24 hrs back wash it for 2.5 mins and take your readding. the sun takes up chlorine and oil from the body does the same. keep your chl at 2ppm up to 3ppm. need more info E-mail me at

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