Gas or electric heater with salt system

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Gas or electric heater with salt system

Postby BartM » Mon 19 Sep, 2016 21:44

Live around Louisville KY and planning to put in inground pool soon. Debating whether salt system is worth extra cost and will salt system corrode gas heater components if we include a gas heater? Pool contractor said there seems to be misconception that salt systems are significantly lower maintenance. He indicated the main difference is you don't have to add chlorine tablets but you still have to monitor your ph and alkalinity so he didn't think the salt system was really worth the extra cost. He did say some people really prefer the feel of the water in a salt system pool but it's subjective. That aside my question is more will the salt water system speed deterioration/increase maintenance cost/need to replace gas heater faster if we do both salt system and gas heater. I've heard electric is less expensive operating cost but won't heat water nearly as fast and is about twice cost of gas heater. Thanks in advance for any feedback offered.

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