Pumps & Steel Not Grounded...now what?

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Pumps & Steel Not Grounded...now what?

Postby adt2 » Thu 29 Sep, 2016 14:24

My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a home with a pool. The electric inspector noted that the pool pumps are not grounded, and commented that that probably meant the steel inside the pool is not grounded either. I had an electrician to the house today to inspect some things, and 99% of it is minor, piddly stuff. However, he was very concerned about the pool equipment. He confirmed that the pumps are not grounded, and also added that they are not on a GFCI circuit, either.

Installing the GFCI circuit is fairly trivial, but I am curious about ungrounded pool pumps and steel in the construction. What is the remedy for that?

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