pool pressure

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pool pressure

Postby tinka4652 » Sat 11 Jun, 2005 20:11

my pressure is fine utill i put the vacumn on then the pressure drops to about 2 pounds can anyone help???


pressure drop

Postby matt » Sat 25 Jun, 2005 16:26

thats normal
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I'm new here
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Postby poolman64 » Sat 20 Aug, 2005 21:50

It would help if you told us what the pressure was before it drops to 2 pounds and if you have any suction after the pressure drop. If you are losing suction and getting air bubbles back to the pool, this would indicate a suction leak in the line or at the pump. Just checking, but I would assume you are forcing all the air out of the hose before you plug it into the skimmer? If not you are losing prime on the pump and this would explain the pressure drop.

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