Lifespan of minerals without backwashing

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Lifespan of minerals without backwashing

Postby BovineOne » Sun 16 Jul, 2006 19:22

I was noticing that the Pool Wizard FAQ seems to imply use with DE/sand filters only, as in the following quote:

The water soluble minerals require replenishing every 8-9 months (with normal backwashing at 5% per month).

The FAQ does not indicate the lifespan with pools that do not require backwashing (such as with pools that use cartridge filters). Would it be right to assume that as long as no significant water is discharged or splashed then replenishing should not be necessary? (normal water loss through evaporation is ok, since the minerals will stay behind).

Scott Bushey
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby Scott Bushey » Fri 14 Sep, 2007 20:37

I as well am questioning this-I do not have a sand filter. Can someone advise?

Also, will the PW require less recharging in that I will not be backwashing?
Scott Bushey

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