Laying waterline tiles and pool coping

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Laying waterline tiles and pool coping

Postby thackers » Tue 18 Oct, 2016 09:23

I have a new concrete pool shell, poured into formwork (its above ground). I now have to organise the pool coping on top of the shell, the waterline tiles, and finally the render.
I get the impression that the waterline tiles would typically be laid first, then the coping, but in my case I can't get anyone to lay the waterline tiles for some time but can get the coping laid soon (and I need it laid quickly so I can keep moving with the decking).
Is there any problem with laying the coping first and the waterline tiles weeks later? Is there anything I should know (for instance, should I be putting down some sort of waterproof membrane covering the top of and side of the shell first?)?

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