Surface water of pool - lots of insects and fine debris floating on top

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I'm new here
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Surface water of pool - lots of insects and fine debris floating on top

Postby amberella » Sun 09 Apr, 2017 21:46

Hi, I am a brand new pool owner of 2 weeks. When i purchased the house the owner went over most of the basic maintenance with me.

When I moved in all was good. Pool was crystal clear. However, over the space of 2 weeks, despite my constant cleaning, vacuumming, and skimming with the pole - the top surface of the water has many insects and lots of fine debris from nearby trees etc. All floating on the top. And very easily seen even when I am looking out my window from the house into the pool! A lot of it is very fine and the pool net scooper just does not pick it up. I have even hand made a finer netting and attached it to the scooper but still doesn't catch everything.

The filter runs twice a day on a timer. The vacuum is on a few days a week (but this pickup from the bottom of the pool, not the top).

Is there something I am doing wrong? Apart from purchasing a pool cover (which I am contemplating) is there something else I should be doing/adding to the water?
I am in Sydney, Australia and we are now in spring, coming into winter shortly, so I am wondering if all the debris is due to the change of seasons?

many thanks. Amberella

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Re: Surface water of pool - lots of insects and fine debris floating on top

Postby Denniswiseman » Mon 10 Apr, 2017 04:00

Hi Amberella
Surface debris should be picked up by the pool skimmer
Do your return eyeballs direct the flow to the skimmer?
You say you run the filter twice a day, how long, as it may not be long enough to get all the surface debris
It may be an idea to try running for a longer period or at night when electricity is cheaper to see if it clears up then albiet that with winter leaves and other debris will be more abundant
What are your winters like, will you need to winterize as that will determine what pool cover to purchase
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Surface water of pool - lots of insects and fine debris floating on top

Postby joeschmo123 » Fri 28 Apr, 2017 23:02

Same problem here. I have a DE filter and checked the screens while cleaning them, no visible tears, the manifold top and below the screens are not cracked. The de seems to be uniformly distributed when I open the filter to inspect. Mine can run for days at decent RPM with no change in small visible particles. Countless backwashes and de adding. Very frustrating.

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Re: Surface water of pool - lots of insects and fine debris floating on top

Postby MarianGuzman » Thu 20 Sep, 2018 02:26

Well, there are various ways to get rid of any pest is to remove its food source. As you said that you are dealing with lots of insects and fine debris, then you can use a pool cover whenever your pool is not in use.

You can also use Algaecide which is a good idea in keeping the bugs away.
You should also clean your filters regularly and check the pump for buildup or mechanical problems.
And you should also turn off the lights under your pool water as it helps to invites insects to come take a plunge.
If these techniques does not work, then you can consult your local pest controller who can help you to get rid of these insects from your pool area.

As, I was also dealing with similar issue, I took help from an exterminator in Long Island, NY, where the experts had not only eliminated the insects, but also provided us with the customized plans which are offered year round to help minimize pest problems.

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