Replace PCB for firmware 1.4?

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Replace PCB for firmware 1.4?

Postby Felder747 » Sun 21 May, 2017 12:46

I'm looking to replace my dead salt cell on an aqua rite control board. The pool is only 8000 gallons, but I've got a Hayward t-15 hooked up to it with software version 1.4. After talking to an agent at Hayward they said I could only replace it with a t-15 because of how old the software is but that the t-15 would "probably last longer" because I wouldn't be demanding the full use of it. Can I replace the PCB to give myself software version 1.5 and allow me to use the generic replacements from pool supply world or even a t-5 or t-3? And is that worth it? What is more cost efficient in the long run?

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Re: Replace PCB for firmware 1.4?

Postby Denniswiseman » Sun 21 May, 2017 16:51

I can't tell you about the software and PCB but the general rule of thumb for sizing is to go for a 2 x your gallonage or larger
This is so your cell isn't running flat out all the time and you have plenty in reserve. Your T15 could run at 20% most of the time making it last longer
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Re: Replace PCB for firmware 1.4?

Postby jd101949503 » Fri 20 Sep, 2019 16:53

Has anyone found a resolution for this issues? My firmware is 1.4 and I need to upgrade to 1.5 in order to use a generic salt cell. Do I really need to replace the pcb? Seem ridiculous for software update.

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