help with location of above ground pool

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I'm new here
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help with location of above ground pool

Postby skinut2234 » Tue 14 Jun, 2005 12:51

We are having a 21' above ground pool put in- In order to make room in the yard- I need to remove 2 pine trees (one is about 35' tall the other is small)- Once the trees are removed and I have the stumps grinded down- is there any concern with installing the pool over where those trees were?
with the leftover roots decompose can cause pool to sink?
What are my options?

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Above ground pool help

Postby Pool Help » Sat 18 Feb, 2006 04:04

There are two possible problems you might face in the future.

1. The stumps may begin to sprout new growth, pushing up and piercing the pool.
2. The stumps may rot, leaving a depression and causing the pool to sag.

You should drill holes into the stumps and fill them with a substance that will kill the roots and prevent root regrowth. There are some commercial herbicides available, but we always use diesel fuel with great success.

To ensure a stable base, you should ideally cast a concrete slab over the area to prevent future problems associated with the rotting of the stumps.
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Postby Pool user » Sat 15 Apr, 2006 10:05

You will want to have the stumps removed entirely and the depression area filled with a very solid compact - high clay/stone dust/portland types content. Not everyone can afford to have a slab, which is nice, but a very costly base. If you are in an area where there is frost, laying a slab over large stumps could result in frost heave damage to the slab especially in the area of the rotting stump (no good contractor would lay over large intact stumps but some people do on their own)

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