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Postby Jay » Thu 20 Jul, 2006 11:08

Does gunnite need to be watered every day for a week after it is first installed?

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Postby Walter » Fri 21 Jul, 2006 06:38

You should fill your pool up as soon as the plaster is done to the tile line. Your new gunite should be below water at all times, if you don't you will have a permant water line to the level of water you put into the pool.
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Curing gunite

Postby caspecops » Mon 18 Sep, 2006 23:26

During the pool construction process you need to water the gunite to help cure it. -Cheers
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Postby geeman » Wed 18 Oct, 2006 14:46

gunnite is what the pool shell is constructed of and should be kept damp. plaster should be filled within 24 hours
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gunite curing

Postby poolnerd » Thu 28 Dec, 2006 00:49

Most engineers specify that gunite should be kept continuously damp for a period of 5-14 days after placement. My engineer, for example, specifies a 14 day cure. Note that if not kept damp, gunite will harden, BUT NOT GAIN ADDITIONAL STRENGTH. For more, read
poolnerd dotcom/2006/09/13/proper-curing-for-a-stronger-pool.
Hope this helps.

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