Great suction TO NO SUCTION in a matter of minutes DESPERATE

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Great suction TO NO SUCTION in a matter of minutes DESPERATE

Postby Bdabe80 » Thu 20 Jul, 2006 23:15

I hope someone can help me. I have had a pool for 2 years now and couldnt get it clean enough to get in last summer or now. I used an algecide and shocked the water due to emount of algae. I scrubbed floor of pool to bring stuff to surface but doesnt help because the filter/;pump looses suction/return. I used a cleaner on the fingers of the filter and it initially worked great. Within a half of day, it lost suction again. I keep unplugging the filter to let the D.E drain out and it works good again for a little bit. I know I shouldnt have to drain the DE several times a day. What am I doing wrond. Iknow for a fact it is not the pump. (replaced it). I also cant vaccuum for more than a minute. I am DESPERATE! The water is cloudy currently but overall looking better than a few days ago. What shuld I do for the filter and to clear the water up? vaccuum? PLEASE HELP ME! My 2 kids are dying to swim ( have been since last summer!)
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Postby alx-casas » Mon 07 Aug, 2006 17:08

I am having the same problem, but for the first minute it vacuums really good at 15 psi and then after the first minute it stops vacuuming and the psi jumps to 27 psi. WHAT COULD IT BE....PLEASE HELP THIS IS MY FIRST HOUSE WITH A POOL :(
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby new2pools » Mon 07 Aug, 2006 17:33

having same proble as alx-casas, my system is a hayward D.E filter with hayward pumps
I'm new here
I'm new here
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Postby bbmfkp » Sun 27 Aug, 2006 00:29

your filter is dirty. you need to backwash to clean it out. suction should then increase.

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