Want a fiberglass pool install? Do not use these people....

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I'm new here
I'm new here
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Want a fiberglass pool install? Do not use these people....

Postby njswimmers » Fri 21 Jul, 2006 10:25

Mountain Service in East Strousdsburg PA. Father & son outfit, last name Mara.

Took more than 1 year to complete a basic inground pool.

Not responsive to phone calls AT ALL.

Ask you to pay ahead of contract, then do things on their own time, not yours.

Just the worst experience imagineable....


risky business

Postby 1firewire » Tue 08 Aug, 2006 21:09

I am extremely sad to hear of your experience.Any pool contractor that asks for full payment up front is in bad shape.Normally the job is broken down into draws 3 possibly 4 .Always do your research on any investment.There are alot of pool builders that bring shame to the industry just as lawyers doctors mechanics etc.. Normally a quality job by proffesional pool builders is not cheap.Nor do they ask for full payment up front.I am glad they finished your pool and hope it brings many years of pleasure and thank you for the heads up.
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Swimming Pool Pro
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Postby Walter » Wed 09 Aug, 2006 07:35

I know charge 50% at start up and then 25% at shotcrete and then the final 25% at completion.
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