Liner Leaks

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Liner Leaks

Postby Lisa » Sun 20 Feb, 2005 18:05

I have an above ground pool. I have a leak somewhere but can't find it. On the out side of pool I can see were water is coming out but can't find the hole. Is there something I can put in pool to find leak and patch with water still in pool?


water leak

Postby bamabrat » Tue 03 May, 2005 14:39

i had the same problem. my ladder broke at the end of last summer and punctured a hole in the side of the vinyl. we could not find the hole until the leak stopped and were able to inspect the liner above the water. some advice that i got when the leak first started was to get some water waders and some food coloring and add drops in the water. if you are lucky, the leak will pull the coloring through before it dissolves. good luck!

marcite chipping

Postby glynch » Mon 18 Jul, 2005 16:24

the marcite on my in ground pool is chipped in 2 silver dollar sized spots .What can i use to repair them without draining the water? also--does it come in blue so i can match the rest of my pool?

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